Currently I am working in the UK although this is due to change in the early months of 2017, I have redefined my professional arena to be based in Spain and offer bespoke intensive couples and individual therapy/coaching work, including educational and practical information to enhance relationships in an informal and private setting.

Relationships come with their own set of challenges which are unique to them, after an initial consultation therapy may be developed over a period of two days to five days, as a one off or as a more regular meeting arrangement depending on the individual requirement needed to make a difference and achieve what is necessary for the outcome.

Support and on going follow ups can be arranged with the use of virtual technology, FaceTime, Telephone, Skype or return visits.

Accommodation requirements will be arranged according to individual needs, a list of local hotel suggestions will be provided upon request.

About me

Originally I trained in Humanistic Person Centred Psychotherapy in London; over the last twenty years I have developed an integrative approach to my work.

Much of my skill and tool set have been gained from an internship spent at The Meadows Trauma and Addiction Centre at Phoenix, Arizona, USA in 2002.

From my time in the USA I returned to Spain where I set up a private practice serving the international ex-pat community also writing weekly articles for two local English newspapers and appearing on a weekly radio broadcast focusing on serious issues.

After a period I returned to London and began a private practice at Harley Street, I spent eight years building a busy practice before moving my office to South London until December 2016.

In 2001 I began to write a book on self defeating behaviours which was published in 2008 called ‘The Love Trap’. The book is written in the framework of Addiction although it’s roots are based in Attachment Disorder.

In 2004 I was invited to write the Emotional Trauma programme at The Priory Hospital, Roehampton, London. I facilitated group work at The Priory for a year before choosing to concentrate on my private practice and private group therapy work.

I have added to my work skills by training in Transpersonal Couples therapy Certified (2010) and training in Psychosexual Psychotherapy and Coherence Therapy. I have attended Imago training (Pioneered by Harville Hendrix) level 1 although I am not a pure Imago therapist I prefer to work in an integrative way that draws on a variety of training techniques that suit the circumstances and personality of the individual. I am currently training with ‘Terry Real Relational Life Institute’.

I am excited to continue to develop my work towards healing and repairing relationships in distress, whether this is in a couple or individually.

I see individuals and couples with a variety of issues, occasional private individual sessions may be helpful within their couples work if necessary, this can be helpful as some issues may be more fully addressed when there is not a risk of feeling shamed in front of their partner.