After many years helping and supporting people through life’s journey I made some significant changes to how I practice my profession and offer my services also where I practice from as London seemed more and more challenging to commute to and from.

In 2017 I made a choice to spend more time in Spain, I have practiced psychotherapy and coaching with clients from all over the World through the wonders of technology.

This year I am continuing to work through virtual means and adding personalised intensive workshops for individuals and couples to my list of services.

About me

Annie began her training in 1994, initially in bereavement therapy soon after she trained as an Addiction counsellor and is a fully qualified psychotherapist. She worked extensively in the UK, Spain and the USA before founding her Harley Street private practice in 2004.

She has worked at some of the world’s leading centres for addiction therapy. In 2002 she was invited as visiting therapist to work at The Meadow’s Centre for Trauma and Addiction in the USA. In 2005 she was invited by The Priory Hospital in Roehampton to head up their Trauma programme in the addictions treatment programme.

Annie Bennett is one of the UK’s foremost psychotherapists specialising in love addiction. Her work has been featured widely across the print media and her book ‘The Love Trap’ was published by Hammersmith Press.

Annie specializes in many areas due to her vast experience over twenty-four years, including Sexual Addiction; at times working alongside Dr Patrick Carnes PhD. International expert and pioneer of Sex Addiction in the US. Annie is a CSAT trainee and offers therapy for people suffering with Sex Addiction and those that are affected by it. It has been recognised for a long time that Sex Addiction and Love Addiction are close partners.

In early 2008 Annie’s book ‘The Love Trap’ was published by Hammersmith press. The book, which explores the concept and treatment of Love Addiction, has received extensive press coverage. The book along with resources, tools and materials to support individuals suffering from love addiction (including a relaxation and affirmation CD) are now available from this website.

Annie works with individuals and couples covering a wide range of issues including relationship difficulties, self-esteem, stress, anxiety, depression, co- addiction and trauma. Her integrative approach draws upon, person- centred counselling, elements of CBT, family systems, experiential approaches, inner child work, Imago and coherence therapy. Her work is tailored to the needs of the individual but may include couples sessions and workshops in addition to individual work.

Annie is: An accredited member of BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy), and a member of COSRT (College of Sexual and Relationship Therapists). She is also an accredited Addiction Counsellor with FDAP, and has a Diploma in Psychotherapy and Counselling Therapy.

Annie is also a recognised provider for health insurance companies.


“Rooted in childhood abandonment and shame, love addiction plagues thousands of people every day, often without their knowing why their relationships continue to fail. By bravely disclosing her own story, Annie brings home the true nature of this destructive condition and shows how sufferers can learn a healthy way of relating. Her long experience as a therapist working with addiction makes her ideally placed to guide you in examining your own history and find the true you in the process.”

New York Times best-selling author
Bradshaw On: The Family, Healing the Shame
that Binds You and Homecoming

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