Hello, this is the ambassador of Belgium speaking, how can I help?

Hello, my name is Alice Brooks and I am the fiancée of Charles Bertrand. I am sorry to tell you that Charles passed away in the early hours of this morning.

Who is Charles?” he said.

Charles Bertrand.” I thought he perhaps hadn’t heard me the first time.

I am sorry. I do not know a Charles Bertrand. I am sorry to hear of your loss. Is there anything I can do?

Oh, no, I’m sorry to trouble you. You don’t know Charles?” I had to check it.

No. Is he Belgian?” He enquired.

Yes, he was. I’m sorry to trouble you. Goodbye.” I hung up the phone.

It was then that my tragedy turned into a nightmare. Charles had told me he was a close friend of the Belgian Ambassador…

Thus begins the harrowing tale at the heart of this important book. The author tells her personal story of the consequences of love addiction, the events that led up to the revelation that her lover was someone quite different from the person she had wilfully believed him to be and her painful journey to understanding the addictive cycle she was in.

This story, which will be recognized by so many others who are locked in the same painful cycle of behaviour, forms the basis for the author’s guide to understanding what love addiction is and how to end it.