Professional Services


Assessments offer a preliminary session intended to explore the issues presented by the client and work towards finding a suitable and appropriate way forward to assist the client’s needs. In some cases this may mean referral to another therapist who may be more suitable for the individuals needs.

Individual Couple programme.
Offering a one or two day intensive workshop for individual couples struggling with relationship issues. This may be of value to those who have already under taken some therapy individaully and would like to bring together understanding, gain insight together and learn new skills that will enhance a different way of moving forward.

One-to-One therapy
One to one therapy offers individual’s appropriate support and assistance to enable personal growth and over come present life obstacles. Exploration of a variety of issues is supported and guided within the safety of the therapeutic relationship. Other workshops and self development courses may be suggested at relevant times during therapy to enhance further growth.

Sex Addiction
Annie offers focused therapy on Sex Addiction in conjunction with and guided by CSAT (Certified Sex Addiction Therapy) headed by pioneer Dr Patrick Carnes, PhD. from the US. Assessment and recovery packages are available. Please contact Annie.

Relationship therapy (couples)
Relationship therapy will explore the differences that arise between a couple which may be obstructing positive growth and interdependency within the relationship. Clear boundaries and communication skills will assist in being understood and heard thus furthering a respectful and nurturing partnership.

Telephone therapy
Telephone therapy is offered to those clients who have a busy schedule and find it difficult to commit to regular one to one sessions in London. An initial telephone consultation will help discover if such a style of therapy is for you. Sessions last between 50 to 60 minutes. Many international clients take advantage of this style of therapy.

I also offer FaceTime and Skype consultations.

Health Insurance
Annie is also a recognised provider for health insurance companies.

Hypnotherapy for Smoking Cessation

For more details of any of these services, please Contact Annie Bennett