“Rooted in childhood abandonment and shame, love addiction plagues thousands of people every day, often without their knowing why their relationships continue to fail. By bravely disclosing her own story, Annie brings home the true nature of this destructive condition and shows how sufferers can learn a healthy way of relating. Her long experience as a therapist working with addiction makes her ideally placed to guide you in examining your own history and find the true you in the process.”

New York Times best-selling author
Bradshaw On: The Family, Healing the Shame
that Binds You and Homecoming

“A courageous and intimate account of a prevalent and all too familiar story. Annie captures her audience with an intense and gripping portrayal of personal experience. Love Addicts and practitioners alike will benefit greatly from reading ‘The Love Trap’. It offers a balanced and accessible view of the problem as well as hope and commitment toward healing and a life of continued recovery. Thank You Annie!”

Counsellor, Clinical Supervisor, Trainer, London

“I have really enjoyed reading The Love Trap as it has enlightened some of my personal issues and it also is a wonderful precious tool for me to use when working with clients as a therapist. A definite reference guiding book for me that has had a powerful impact on me. Thank you Annie for helping me to take my therapeutic work to deeper level as a therapist, as a clinical supervisor and to help me to make sense of my personal journey too!”

Herve DURANT, London

“I took so much experience, strength and hope from your book, so thank you. I also salute you for your humility, grace and vigorous honesty.  It was so inspiring, and brave.”

Anonymous, London

“I admire you so much for being able to write from such an authentic place — this is why your book is so good!”

Treatment Centre, USA

“I’ve just read your incredible story in this month’s Psychologies, which prompted me to visit your website. The fact that you are using what has happened to you in order to help other people really struck a chord with me.”

Journalist, London

“I took so much experience, strength and hope from your book, so Thank you. I also salute you for your humility, grace and vigorous honesty. It was so inspiring, and brave.”

Reader in recovery, London

“I would say that Annie has been the single most positive influence on my recovery since I’ve started working with her about 4 years ago. I have grown a great deal with Annie’s facilitation, I trust her implicitly, and I value working with her tremendously. Annie is great!”

Anonymous, London

“Annie changed the course of my life, I was going round in circles not knowing where to turn next and she showed me how to take control of my life again. Annie believed in me when on-one else did, not even me, and she held that belief until I could feel it for myself.

Annie gave me the courage to explore my past and face up to the future, and new future where I didn’t have to follow in my families footsteps. She is kind, patient and taught me that I didn’t have to live the life my family set up for me, she showed me anther way, and without her I know my life would be not half what it is today.

I feel that Annie goes beyond her duties and she really cares for her clients, and for me, knowing that someone cared for me, even though I was often showing my worst points, really made me believe that I was worthy.”

Anonymous, Oxfordshire

“I have worked with Annie for many, many years in my previous role as a Hospital Director. During this time she has provided all the clients that I have sent her with the upmost care, compassion and skill. I have seen them all thrive in her professional and safe hands and as such I highly recommend her as a psychotherapist.”

Chris Cordell
Strong Hope – Barbados